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MAID is a smart kitchen assistant & a multifunctional oven. MAID knows what to cook and how to cook. Cooking is now easy,fun & social.
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MAID is a smart kitchen assistant and a multifunctional oven that knows every recipe and cooks every dish. Connected to a recipe store in the internet, MAID has access to an unlimited number of recipes. MAID was created to make cooking simple, social and fun. MAID is the first oven that brings crowd-sourced recipes directly to your kitchen. You can search for recipes based on ingredients, type of dish or just ask MAID to recommend a dish.

MAID learns your calorie requirements based on continuous learning of your cooking habits and your daily activities. Thus it plays the role of a personal dietician recommending a healthy balanced diet for you.

MAID can stream cookery shows from the Recipe Store so that you can cook watching them. Also, just like a smartphone, MAID software can be updated over the air. This means you don’t need to buy a new microwave oven for a new feature!

A Multifunctional Oven

MAID features the modes of a complete oven – convection, microwave and top-heater and the smart assistant helps you cook in all three modes. The Recipe Store also has recipes for 3 modes. So whether you want to bake a cake in convection or microwave is up to you. MAID is here to help anyway.

Once we reach $150,000 , you’ll be able to pre-order MAID probe here. MAID probe will control and set cooking times automatically and sync the data with MAID oven control and also send reports to your MAID app.

MAID is connected to an ever growing Recipe Store in the internet. The Recipe Store is a curated crowd-sourced platform where chefs and cooking enthusiasts across the world can upload recipes. Recipe Store will house recipes that were until now hidden away in some recipe book or known only to a few in some part of the world. Do you have a recipe that you think everyone would love? Upload it to the Recipe Store and let everyone know the masterchef in you!

The Recipe Store will have a recipe builder application which sets a standard for recipe creation. These recipes are made available in MAID oven after a basic testing. Recipes are available not just for microwave oven but for other cooking devices too.

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