Demo – Introducing Point by Form. A “Soft” home Alarm System.

Point is a smart house sitter. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses what’s in the air and lets you know if anything is wrong.
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We found existing home security solutions too invasive. We wanted to know that everything was fine at home, but without having a camera in the living room. That’s why we designed Point.

The home has always been a focal point of Scandinavian culture. Despite its importance, when we’re away we can feel disconnected. We want to know everything is fine at home, but our only options have been cameras and invasive sensors.

We wanted a softer, more balanced take on security. We created Point to make a stand: peace of mind without compromising the feeling of home.

Point is subtle and small—the size of the palm of your hand. It’s designed to blend in to any home, anywhere. These are results of a focus on simplicity beyond aesthetics.

Current security systems are complex, often requiring daily interaction. Point requires no attention except an annual change of batteries. It’s designed to erase worries, not create them.

Point keeps things simple for you, but does plenty while you’re away. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses the indoor environment, and analyses the air. Point translates all data into information you care about. It notifies you of windows breaking, alarms ringing, or the presence of smoke.

You can tell Point how to respond to events: for instance, it can glow yellow if it detects cigarette smoke, or sound an alarm in case of windows breaking.

Point connects to the Internet through WiFi so you can stay in touch wherever you are

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