Demo – Dancing LEDs to the tune of “We Wish You a Maker Christmas”

Bluetooth hackable Christmas lights. Hassle-free setup and easy-to-use smart phone app. Any light, any color, any time.
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Creating amazing, dynamic holiday displays is about to get a lot easier. Dancing LEDs are strings of vibrant, energy efficient lights controlled by a smart phone app with an extensive library of free and low-cost light sequences. Any light on the string can be any color at any time. With 16 million colors and up to 4,000 lights per controller the creative possibilities are endless.

As fun as Dancing LEDs are, they are also practical.

Can’t agree on whether to decorate with colored or white lights? Dancing LEDs can be either, so just take turns.
Do you want to decorate with lights more often but don’t have the time to change out lights for each holiday?One set of Dancing LEDs is all you need.
Have you looked into animated Christmas displays only to be scared off by wiring diagrams and data protocols? We’ve done all the technical work for you. Take advantage of the free light sequences and easy-to-use app.
The light strings, power supplies and controller housing are all designed for outdoor use so you can use them outside with confidence in any weather. The lights are spaced at 12cm (4.7″), and each 50-light string lights up 6m (19.7 feet). Bluetooth range is expected to be 30 feet, so you can change outdoor light sequences from the warmth of your home.

For more examples of Dancing LEDs and “Creepy Tree Man” in action, check out the music video for “We Wish You a Maker Christmas (and a Hacker New Year)”.

We’ve completed our prototypes and have started the pilot run of the light strings. Our goal is to start shipping light strings to Early Bird backers by Thanksgiving. The funds from a successful Kickstarter will be used for PCB fabrication and assembly, tooling for a waterproof controller housing and ongoing app development.

We have developed a range of options that are sure to satisfy both the novice and the expert. The Dancing LEDs Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started. The Tree Pack, 2D Mega Pack and 3D and Mega Pack include more lights and greater capability for expansion. Lower cost options are available for expansion of existing packs and use in DIY holiday lighting. Once you see the power of having your phone control your decorative lights, we think you’ll want to use the Dancing LEDs controller.

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