Demo – “Bionic Bird” ready to Fly

The world’s 1st smartphone controlled bionic bird.
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“Bionic Bird is going to take off. We have worked tirelessly to develop this marvelous bird and we want to share it with you. Help us to produce and develop the next generation of Bionic Birds. In exchange, you will be the first to possess this high-performance robotic bird, produced thanks to your financial support. Let the dream take flight!”

Throughout history man has dreamed of flying. Today, Bionic Bird offers the opportunity to experience that extraordinary sensorial adventure: to fly like a bird.

Bionic Bird takes on the heavens with a range of 100 meters. Even apartment interiors don’t scare it! A wave of the hand, the bird obeys. The Flying App, available on the App Store, is ultra sensitive and intuitive.

Bionic Bird gets its power from a Turbo-Charge® egg. In just 12 minutes, it has enough juice for 10 eight-minute flights in one session. The egg design slips into your pocket. In your hand, the bird is ultra light: just 9 grams. This masterpiece of micro technology contains numerous exclusive patents.

In the sky, Bionic Bird is the only flying object in the world that does not frighten birds away. On the contrary, it attracts them all! Friends and enemies alike…

Your financial support will serve to launch the production of Bionic Bird, but it will also give us the means to explore its further development whose technological potential is revolutionary. Thanks to you, controlling the tail from a distance will soon be possible, but also stationary flight with HD video on board.

By the end of 2015, Bionic Bird will adopt a third way to control the angle of the tail in flight, allowing for more stunts and super slow flight phases, using a non-motor technology that utilizes bio-metal alloy muscles with form memory.

In Spring 2016, Bionic Bird will be capable of stable, stationary flight. Its dimensions will increase in order to obtain an adequate weight-power ratio, a higher payload and more natural inertia. It will have sensor plate control and on-board computer servo-control for automated stabilization.

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