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Make tech & art projects with your friends & family in an epic space equipped with all the tools & resources you need to innovate.
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Help Kickstart Atlanta’s first all-ages makerspace!

Located in Decatur, Ga., Decatur Makers is a place and community where people share tools, technology and know-how to tinker, invent, build and make cool stuff.

It began as the mad vision (mad, I tell you!) of a few, then became a grassroots movement. Now it’s a bona fide building, partially outfitted and equipped. With a little help from you, this all-ages makerspace will be open — and making — by the end of the year.

Decatur Makers is the collection of hackers, programmers, welders, carpenters, mechanics, artists, builders, designers, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, students, adults, kids, and seniors creating this makerspace.

Our space is an unused gym at 605 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue, across from the Post Office, graciously provided to us by First Christian Church of Decatur. Inside, makers will destroy and create using an array of materials, from metal to microchips and tools ranging from woodworking equipment to 3-D printers to soldering irons and recycled art.

An initial fundraising effort enabled us to get the structure ready – replacing the roof, building out the interior, and adding little luxuries such as heating and air conditioning. The Kickstarter campaign will propel us to a point where all of the fundamentals are in place — and we can open a functional facility to the community.

As they say in the South… maybe elsewhere, too… if it’s true, it ain’t braggin’

And it IS true – the makerspace is a big deal for Decatur and the surrounding area. Here’s why:

It connects a community, through physical space and shared knowledge.
It gives young people a reason to put down the device and pick up a skill.
It gives old people (not young like you!) a chance to learn and share.
It enhances the area’s reputation as an inventive, what’s-next community.
It’s just cool – like, come on, where else would you go to build a robot, write an app, or create a movie?
So far, so many have given time, cash and love to this grassroots effort. Among them: the Decatur Education Foundation, the City of Decatur, the Downtown Development Authority … plus, many local businesses and individuals who’ve generously shared their resources … and scores of volunteers who’ve given talent and time.

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