Carparelli +ZOOM is an Electric Guitar featuring On-board Effects Processor

Carparelli Guitars Unveils two +ZOOM models, featuring On-board Effects processor. Interface lets you play amped-up anytime, anywhere.
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Project Overview

If you are a guitar player or aspire to be one, this project is ALL about YOU. Whether you are looking to buy your first guitar or a seasoned touring pro, this project is something you simply must see. This development forever changes the relationship you have with your guitar by introducing a new element of excitement and creative freedom into your playing experience.

Design goals we set for this development were to create exquisite instruments that both look and sound fabulous, are smooth, easy playing and technologically innovative while remaining affordable.

infiniti Si and Classico S are the result of this design intent. By integrating on-board preamp and effects technology with our exclusive design platform we offer a new level of freedom to the electric guitar player. By eliminating the requirement for power and an amplifier to fully enjoy playing electric guitar, Carparelli +ZOOM sets a new standard for unsurpassed creative freedom.

Carparelli infiniti Si and Classico S +ZOOM – Candy Apple Red Metallic

Carparelli +ZOOM brings you the freedom to experience playing virtually anywhere and anytime (with the possible exception of outdoors in extreme weather conditions). Imagine playing an electric guitar under the stars by the campfire, at the beach, when everyone else has settled into bed, at the office during lunch, while traveling between shows, in the apartment late at night, or at the airport waiting for your flight. Or, into any speaker/sound system having a 1/8 input.

Connect your favorite headset and hear yourself cranked up while keeping the peace with everyone else in your life. Embarrassing moments while practicing those first few chords or working out the finer points of that new lead/lick/riff/solo are a thing of the past. Carparelli +Zoom brings the player more FUN more of the time. So much fun you won’t want to put it down.

How our technology works
Most guitar companies offer their technology in one or two body styles, a major difference in our implementation is that we plan to make the +ZOOM available across our entire lineup. This will bring on-board ZOOM technology to players of ALL instrument styles, experience levels and musical tastes.

The standard ZOOM stomp box style interface has been reduced to fit on the upper bout of your instrument and a single toggle switch is added to the control area of the guitar. This allows for easy adjustment/setup with convenient changing between sounds/patches during play. With convenient 1/8 input and output you can play to recorded backing tracks from any mp3 capable device and listen to yourself playing through any headset or earbuds. And, you can always bypass the ZOOM simply by engaging the push/pull control knob to go old school.

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