Care Go Personal Alarm with GPS Designed to Save Lives

The Care Go from Alphahōm is the personal alarm that helps you reach your loved ones when in trouble with real-time GPS tracking and you can check our Personal Alarms on Amazon using our affiliate link ☢️ ☢️

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The Care Go fits on your keychain, has a 1 year battery life from a single charge, and can be easily activated with a simple pull. Your emergency contacts will receive an alert in notification mode, even if there phone is set to silent. They will be given your location in real time via the GPS so they can come help you.

The Care Go uses Google cloud and there is no service fee.

Their Kickstarter campaign is set to end January 30, 2020 and when a new link to find the product is live I’ll update that as well. ☢️ ☢️

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